What are some good materials for eco friendly jackets?



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    Hemp is a very eco friendly plant that requires very less water and does not need pesticides to grow. This is an ideal clothing green fabric, grows abundantly and has sturdy fibers that make the highly durable and long lasting. The dresses and other items made from hemp are soft, warm, absorbs more and is more breathable when compared to compared made from other materials. Hemp is used as a blended fabric only in the United States. Growing hemp is illegal as it is a variety of marijuana. This however is not the case in other countries. Formal dresses, informal wear and even bridal wear for the bride and groom are made from hemp silk. Yet another plant that grows rapidly and does not require pesticides is bamboo. Only natural dyes of various hues are used to make fabric from bamboo and they are completely biodegradable. It has anti microbial agents and causes no allergies. The fabrics are delicate than hemp, and more luxurious and breathable than many other fabrics both natural and manmade. Tofu manufacturing waste is an excellent byproduct to make yet another eco-friendly clothing green fabric called soy silk. These are also biodegradable and as they are rich in protein they react easily with natural dyes. Both men and women are turning to the eco friendly dresses and accessories like scarves, caps, gloves, jackets and other winter clothing green. It is also the best wear for babies and children.

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