What are some good ideas for a vegetarian, on-the-go lunch?



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    I always liked to pack a small three-bean salad or pasta salad in my tupperware for a tasty on-the-go lunch. You could also make a cucumber-hummus sandwich in pita bread-mmm! On the side, bring lots of fresh veggies for dipping or munching (peppers, carrots, etc.).

    You can find more ideas in the link below!

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    One of my favorite vegetarian sandwiches is a roasted vegetable sandwich. I use whole wheat bread. On one slice of bread, I spread cream cheese, and on the side I spread hummus. In the middle I add roasted vegetables (usually roasted red peppers) and sometimes some cheese (cheddar, swiss, or pepper jack).  Also good is, instead of roasted vegetables, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers.  A simple PBJ is also always a good go-to (I usually skip the jelly and eat my peanut butter on cinnamon raisin bread).

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