What are some good ideas for a vegetarian barbecue?



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    Shiskabobs !

    you can get Smart Sausage (I recommend chorizo style; found in produce section) or some other variety of protein sausage, whole crimini mushrooms, onions, pineapple, eggplant or any other preferred vegetable.  Soak them in some asain barbeque sauce for spicy or sweet & sour sauce for sweet.  Grill them until veggies are crisp but tender.

    Bon appetit!

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    I also recommend good old fashioned corn as a great vegetarian barbeque dish. Brush it with some oil then sprinkle salt and pepper on it. Throw it on the grill just for a little bit and voila you have very yummy corn!

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    You can make tofu burgers, or you can make a grilled salad. What you do is you grill a big piece of lettuce per person until it is crisp but not burnt, and then you gather other kinds of vegetables and put on top of it!

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    There are all sorts of vegetarian burgers that can be cooked on a grill.  I found a recipe for feta and potato burgers that looks really good, and seems relatively easy to make.  Some other veggie burger ideas are spicy chickpea burgers, sunflower seed and hazelnut burgers, or spiced lentil burgers.

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    Corn is great advice. Also, don’t forget the bbq zucchini! It holds flavor really well. I also like Portobello mushrooms for the same reason – they’ll hold whatever yummy sauce you decide to use. Lastly, barbeque tempeh is really great. And of course you can make all kinds of cole slaws using veganaise.

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    Grilling fruit is also a great idea. The grilling brings out the sweetness in the fruit, making it a delicious treat. Below are links on how to grill fruit, and also a search on the food network of grilled fruit recipes.

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    Seitan!  There is NOTHING like BBQ seitan!  Oh, man, is it great!  It’s especially fabulous on a French roll with chilled vegan coleslaw.

    Another good option is marinated tofu.

    Marinated portobello mushrooms taste like they were made for grilling, so they’re another great choice.

    For a dish that doesn’t require use of the grill, a “chickn” salad is a tasty treat.  I’ve served the recipe in  the link below at parties, using seitan instead of tofu, and people go MAD for it, it’s so delicious!


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