What are some good ideas to include in a local food potluck?



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    There are a lot of neat things that are available for a potluck. One of my favorite summer foods is corn on the cob. It is cheap, easy to make, easy to move around, and tastes great. 

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    Bruschetta would be a great addition – it’s easy to make, fresh, original, and amazingly delicious.

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    By setting up a list of who brings what course helps. People can sign up for what they want to bring, like salads, appetizers, main course, side dish, and dessert. This way people can sign up for things they know they can commit to bringing and if someone makes a specialty dish they are able to share that as well. A way to keep the pot luck more environmentally friendly is to ask everyone to bring their own forks, knives, plates and cups from home so that paper cups and plates and plastic forks and knives aren’t used. 

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