What are some good ideas for a green online business?



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    Hmm….that’s a good question. They say green businesses have two advantages: (1) green is still a growing business and (2) you’re helping in making the world a better place.

    Here a few of my ideas along with some I grabbed from the Internet (they’re cited so you can visit them on your own time):

    1. Sell stuff!: This can be anything. I think I read somewhere one website took off by selling little mini-gardens. Depending on your skill set, maybe you can look into selling homemade crafts that are eco-friendly or organic. Make it nifty or novel to differentiate your product from others.  Some ideas: jewlery, accessories (like headbands made from organic cotton), magnetic makeup board, mini-herb garden for apartments or dorms, eco-friendly dog beds.
    2. Green social game: socials games are a trend, perhaps you can create one that can be supported through popular sites like Facebook. You can help support a cause through this.
    3. Green social networking: Think of Polyvore and Makeupalley. They’re not green websites but you can certainly make an online site similiar to these but all about eco-friendly or organic products. I would very interested in visiting a website that is a social network for people reviewing (through text, video, pictures) green products – in a similar way to Makeupalley. Maybe through that same social network people can friend each other and trade products or whatever.
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    Building on deniseapril‘s idea of selling stuff, you can start a second-hand store or an antique store. I know someone who has a small second-hand store in my community, and she does not have much shelf space, so she sells a lot of her stuff on e-bay. Selling used goods online is a great way to get them new owners. Certain vintage goods can be quite valuable.

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    Marketing is an important part of business and I found a site with three great “green marketing” techniques. The article encourages business people to be genuine, to educate their customers on the environmental benefits of their product, and to allow customers to participate in the benefits. The link below describes these three tips in more detail. 

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