What are some good ideas for green gifts?



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    Here’s what I did for Christmas gifts:

    All natural sugar scrub for skin exfoliation (perhaps better as a gift for women) and there are many different recipes, but I’ll share mine:

    Organic Brown Sugar

    Organic White Sugar

    All Natural Maple Syrup

    A Touch of Honey, A Hint of Cinnamon

    The proportions are not exact, but take a cup or so of each type of sugar and mix them together, then pour in the maple syrup until it mixes well and there’s a bit of liquid on the top. Also mix in a little honey for smoothness and cinnamon for scent.

    Instructions for the shower: After washing and rinsing, gently massage scrub onto skin in circles. Rinse. It leaves the skin feeling super soft and smooth, it’s all natural (no chemicals) and it’s a great exfoliator and rejuvenator.

    Package it in a glass container with a ribbon and a card telling your recipient what is in it and how to use it, and wa-la!

    There are so many different ways to combine ingredients that if you have time, it would be fun to experiment. A lot of recipes call for olive oil instead of maple syrup, and you can add fun things like lavender, jasmine, sea salt, etc. etc.! A simple Google search will provide you with a plethora of ideas. Homemade, simple and original!

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