What are some good ideas for an essay about the environment?



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    Since you will be spending a lot of time investigating your topic, choose something that you are genuinely curious about.

    Also consider what type of essay you would like to write: is it a comparative esssay, an argumentative essay, a personal response essay? If it’s a comparative essay, choose two things you would like to compare. For example, _____________ is “greener” than _________________ (fill in the blanks). In a comparative essay, list all the ways that two things are similar and how they are different.

    In an argumentative essay, try to persuade someone of your point of view. Remember to rebut reasons that your opposition might think of as counterarguments. Remember, it’s not just the topic that’s important, but how you express your opinions. An argumentative essay should be thorough, so choose a topic that’s as specific as possible. A topic that’s too broad won’t be able to be delved into specifically enough in a short essay.

    In a personal essay, choose an event that you have experienced. Describe it from your point of view.

    Remember, if you are writing an essay for a class, check with the professor to see what type of essay is required. If you are uncertain about what to write about, always ask the professor. He/she will appericate your honesty and effort if you ask.

    And most of all, have fun!

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