What are some Good ideas for Living Cheap?



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    You can share a one bedroom apartment with 2 or 3 people to save a lot on rent. Also, sell your car and use a bicycle to lose the car payment and auto insurance bills. Eat cheaply by making your own healthy food instead of going out to eat.

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    Saving money can also mean saving the environment. Some things you can do are to manage your energy usage. By keeping the thermostat low, turning on only lights being used in the house, and switching to CFL bulbs, you’ll not only be green, but you’ll save green as well. Taking shorter and cooler showers is another way to save money. And, of course, there is carpooling or taking public transportation, which is much less costly than filling the gas tank three times a week and keeps for additional CO2 emissions!

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    To live cheap I would suggest getting a small place to live. Using alternative transportation, buy groceries at discounted stores, conserve your energy and search for cheap entertainment.

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