What are some good houseplants for a winter in Denver?



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    Pointsettias and azaleas are two of my favorites:

    The pointsettia, known for its popularity during Christmas is actually classified as a Mexican weed!  Nonetheless, it is a great indoor winter plant that comes in red, pink, and white.  When purchasing, make sure you don’t buy one with green edges on the bracts as this can mean that the plant was packaged before it had a chance to fully mature.

    The azalea is also a great winter houseplant that produces beautiful pink and purple flowers.  It’ll flower for you for about 6 weeks and likes to be kept in a cooler room.  You don’t need to water it that often and it enjoys cold, black tea as an added nutrient.  As with most indoor plants, avoid placing near the radiator so as not to dry out the roots and soil. 

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    I live right outside in Aurora Colorado and I would recommend rosemary, chive, and possibly basil.  I am growing rosemary and basil in two large pots below a skylight.  They are doing really well so far.  Whole Foods is selling rosemary bushes for about 13 dollars.  They little plants look like spruce trees and they are really great decorations for the holiday season.  Rosemary does need to be watered quite often in its potted form.  So I would recommend moving it to a fairly large pot to avoid having to water it daily.  

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