What are some good green vanity license plates you have seen?



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    I have seen two vanity plates that I enjoyed. One was on the first model of Toyota Prius’ which read H MODE. I assume the ‘H’ stood for hybrid. The second was on a newer Prius and had the letters MPGOOD.

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    While this isn’t the actually text on a license plate, the California Coastal Commission sells environmental license plates for an extra $50 above the registration fee. The extra expense goes toward environmental restoration, recreation, and coastal and marine education programs and the individual receives a special license plate with the image of a whale tale.

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    While I haven’t seen any great vanity plates in person, there are pictures of “PLUG OK” on a California plate and of “LOW TUS” on a Lotus car.  

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    I saw this one today as I was getting some coffee. 


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    You never forget a good license plate. I remember a few month back seeing a Chevy Volt with the tag, “ZRO GAS”. Another that comes to mind was a Prius plate that read “Les Oil”.

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