What are some good green investment opportunities?



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    There was a lot of hype over Bloom Energy last month, as the company was spotlighted on 60 Minutes for its “Bloom Box” technology, which converts air to electricity.  The company is financially backed by the same billionaire who nursed Google into a colossus, and rumors were floating around of the company announcing an IPO soon.  Financial experts chuckled smugly, however, claiming that it will be at least 9-10 years before Bloom will be able to put up an IPO.  Their technology is currently being tested by Google, eBay, and Fed-Ex.

    Another emerging technology is traveling wave reactors, which are nuclear reactors that use nuclear waste and benign nuclear isotopes as fuel, essentially nullifying the nuclear waste issue.  Bill Gates is shoveling millions into a company called TerraPower, which is teaming up with Toshiba to become the first to produce traveling wave reactors.  If they can do it, nuclear is going to get a whole lot hipper.

    Some other companies that are doing well are Zipcar (car share program) and Tesla (electric vehicle manufacturer), but I would watch where the stimulus money is going to find out where the best green investment opportunities will arise.

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    I would keep a sharp eye on Algae energy.  I learned about it in an environmental class i took up in Portland a few years ago, and after moving to Arizona i ran into several companies (including ASU) who are pioneering projects to further it’s use.  Exxon Mobil is also using the algae strategy, among other global fuel and energy companies.  

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