What are some good green graduation gifts?



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    I think the best green graduation gift is a bicycle with an attached bike cart.  I know that one of the most useful tools for a young adult is a cheap way to get around that doesn’t involve taking the bus.  Road bikes are great for this! I rode one 20 minutes every to class and even today.  Bike carts are also amazing, because you are able to transport groceries and other acutrements without throuwing off the weight balance of the bike.  When purchasing a bike, make sure to get one that is the right height proportional to the leg.  Also, there are high end electricy supplemented bicycles for getting up those big hills found in some parts of the country.

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    Most young adults are usually moving into their own living spaces after graduation.  I would recommend a nice eco-friendly furniture piece.  Something that can be used and lived on and kept for years to come.  I attached two really interesting designers for your review.

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