What are some good games that can teach children about green living?



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    One thing you can do is Trash Art Contest, where kids take safe throw away materials (soda cans, straws, containers) and make a collage, statue or whatever they want out of it. You could also teach the recycle relays, have kids separate recycled materials from garbage and then separate the recycled materials individually, firs team to finish wins. DUH!

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    There are some boardgames that teach children about sustainability. Australia produced a nice one that you can order online. The game is called Eco-tastic and teaches kids about how to reduce your carbon footprint. The game combines, acting, drawing, and answering questions.

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    You could create a scanger hunt where kids compete against each other (either in groups or individually) to find the things on their list.  You could make up the list with items like:

    • something that is recycled that they use everday
    • something a bird could make a nest with
    • something they recycled last week
    • a vegetarian food item
    • a way to save energy

    The list could go on and on and really depends on how creative you want to get, the age of the children playing and how long you have to spend on the game.  I’ve known scavenger hunts to be hour long activities (where participants are timed to find the greatest # of items on their list) or be week-long extravaganzas where participants are tasked with finding something new each day (you can vary the rules as you see fit).  Have fun!

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