What are some good fabrics to work out in?



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    The best fabrics for working out in are those that breathe and/or wick moisture away from your skin to keep you cool.  Any clothing made out of polypropylene-containing fabrics, such as Coolmax or Supplex as they will wick moisture away from your skin. 

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    Depending on what type of work out you’re doing and how strenuous it is will decide the best type of fabric needed. I read that if you are not concerned about moisture being near your skin then cotton is an excellent fabric to choose, because it doesn’t inhibit motion and is breathable. There are fabrics that wick moisture away. These types of fabrics can be found a stores like Nike (dry-fit is the name of the fabric) or Under Armor (UA Tech is the name of the fabric). The have hats, shirts, and bottoms and will suit your work out needs. 

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