What are some good electric scooters?



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    Depends on what you mean by electric scooter. There are the Rascal scooters that people with disabilities use, and the kind that are more like electric bikes. As for the electric bike style scooters in 2009 the IZip HG1000, the IZip Sereno, and E-Zip Trails 2008 were rated good and under $1000. 

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    Assuming you are an adult looking for an alternative form of short-distance travel, there are a few different ways to pick the “best” scooter.  If it is important to you that the scooter have a seat, Razor and eZip have some good models.  EZip is also fairly good in terms of speed.  Alternatively, if you are looking for a cheap option, you may consider a Razor without a seat.  As previously noted, it depends a lot on what you consider “good” and what you’re willing to compromise.  A list of bestsellers may be found here.

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    The website I have provided offers different electric scooters such as the GoPed Hoverboard and the GoPed ESR. Both have a very cool design and are very efficient as well.

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