What are some good eco-friendly cooking tips?



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    Putting a lid on your food while it’s cooking helps to cut down the amount of time that it needs to be on the heat, thus reducing the amount of fuel.
    Cooking a bunch of things at once helps to use the same amount of energy to make more food. For example, if you are using the oven to bake a pizza, why not throw in a cake or roast or something else that calls for the same temperature?

    Using eco-friendly utensils, pans, non-aerosol cooking oils, buying locally, cooking with residual heat (use tight fitting lids and turn off the gas, your food will cook using the heat needed to bring the water to a boil), and choosing EnergyStar rated appliances are great ways to make cooking more environmentally friendly.

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    Buying local food is a great way to making cooking more environmentally friendly – if your food doesn’t have to travel a long distance, it cuts down on carbon emissions from vehicles.  Purchasing food from local, organic farmers is also ideal because you can choose farms who don’t use fertilizers and pesticides.  Fertilizers in particular can be very damaging to the environment – fertilizer runoff from farms in the midwest created the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

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