What are some good eco friendly winter jackets?



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    You can check out Patagonia, an environmentally-oriented company that makes out-doorsy clothing and other products. They have a bunch of different jackets for men and women in varying degrees of heaviness, so you can find a fleese or an insulated parka, depending on what you need. Just follow the link below! There are also some green designers making pea coats, if that is more what you are looking for, but they tend to be women’s coats. See the second link below if you are interested.   

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    I second Patagonia but here is an article with a links to designers that produce high-quality green coats: http://planetgreen.discovery.com/fashion-beauty/eco-friendly-winter-coats.html.

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    The ethicalman.com (The Ethical Man) sells vegan, eco-friendly coats and other attire/ accessories. Ecoterre is a website dedicated to sustainable fashion design and they have products/links to eco-friendly coats, attire, shoes, accessories, textiles and more, for men and women. Check them out!

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    As alecsandravelez commented, Planet Green recently came out with a list of designers who produce women’s eco-friendly coats. Delano Collection (makes the shell with organic will and the lining with bamboo), Loyale’s (makes coat with organic cotton and faux fur that doesn’t have any chemicals), and Julia Burnbaum (fair trade fabrics are used) are each mentioned as great eco-friendly designers who make great, fashion-forward coats for women. These are fairly fancy winter coats. 

    If you’re looking for casual winter coats (for men, women, and children alike), I must agree with alecsandravelez and sfincher and say that Patagonia is the way to go.

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    The Custom Clothing provides a good collection of woolen jackets both for men, women. It offers eco friendly jackets

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