What are some good eco friendly vacation destinations in North America?



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    A good option for eco-friendly vacations is WWOOFing if you are interested in a cheap, but incredibly fulfilling experience. WWOOF refers to World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. You can visit their website (http://www.wwoof.org/) to see the wide variety of opportunities that are available internationally. WWOOFing is always great option because usually the organic farm you choose to visit will provide accommodations, including shelter and meals. Of course, this is in exchange for physical farm labor. Each organic farm varies in what it provides and what type of labor it demands, but the experience is truly a lesson in eco-friendliness! WWOOFING is also a great opportunity to meet new people from all over the world who share your environmental values and convictions.

    If farm labor is not your idea of a relaxing vacation, a more luxurious get-away is Rachero La Puerta near San Diego. It is a sustainable spa retreat in the middle of a old vineyard. A great source for learning more about the ecotourism industry and its aims, goals, and partners is the International Ecotourism Society (http://www.ecotourism.org/what-is-ecotourism). There, you can find a variety of groups who do adventure traveling and vacations in an environmentally sensitive manner. Happy travels!

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    There are eco friendly options in just about every state in the US as well as most provinces of Canada and many places in Mexico.

    The Sky Hotel in Aspen, Colorado is an amazing hotel that has just about every eco friendly option you can imagine. Not to mention it is the spot to be for world class skiing and snowboarding.

    The Allison Inn and Spa in Newberg, Oregon is LEED certified and has some of the most beautiful surroundings you can imagine.

    Orbitz has a great page focused on eco friendly hotels that you can find here:


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    Whereever you decide to go, taking a plane immediate jumps your environmental impact to “outrageous”. But tourism is one of the biggest businesses in the entire world, and many people, even ecologically minded, don’t want to give up those high status trips to glamorous locations.

    The Sierra Club, for example, sponsors 100s of international trips a year.

    In the US during WWII, the government had posters asking “Is this trip necessary?” The question could well be asked today.

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