What are some good eco friendly sodas?



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    There doesn’t seem to be that many brands that provide eco-friendly soda out there, but there are ways to make homemade soda that is eco-friendly.

    http://www.sodastream.com/earthfriendly: this site offers products that allow you to make and enjoy eco-friendly soda in the comfort of your home.

    Also here is are instructions on how to make soda at home: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/911987/how_to_make_eco_friendly_soda_pop_at.html

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    The link below shows many ranked carbonated beverages.  According to this ranking system, Honest Tea and and Santa Cruz Organic Sodas rank the highest.

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    The Sodastream machine allows you to make diet coke in less than two minutes. Money-saving and eco-friendly, the Sodastream machine is great.

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