What are some good eco friendly shoe companies?



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    There are a number of eco-friendly shoe companies on the market, it’s just matter of the style of shoe you are looking for.  i have attached a list of some companies for your review, another company that is not on this list that I recently discovered if called FYE, they are based in France and have some great styles to choose from.

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    For the vegan lady still seeking a fashionable pair of shoes, she should look no further than NeuAura Finch, who offers a variety of shoe styles form flats to heels to boots, all of which are vegan, sustainable and fairly traded.

    For the hip young lad who’s conscious about the impact his sneeks make upon the planet, there is ethletic footwear. All of their sneekers, high top and low cut, are made with organic cotton and are fair-trade certified, flip flops are composed of natural bio-degradable rubber.

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    The new shoe company Ze o Ze offers interchangeable components for shoes.  One can take a ballet slipper and turn it into a high heel with a simple swap of the heel component.  This allows individuals to purchase fewer shoes without sacrificing any style. 

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