What are some good eco friendly gifts for kids?



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    There are all sorts of eco-friendly gifts for kids.  Many of them are just regular toys made with eco-conscious materials.

    I’ve chosen a few toys to highlight that really take it to the next level, though.


    Recycle Cardboard Zoo is made of all recycled materials; it also encourages additions to the games from your around the house in an effort to be eco-conscious.  Playing the game can teach children about recycyling and conservation, as well as being fun. I would have loved this as a kid!

    Here it is at Amazon.


    This indoor gardening kit (5+) promotes “green” behavior and teaches a love of nature from a young age.  As a bonus, it’s made out of recycled plastic.  This is good for a “hands on” type of kid.

    Here it as at LuckyVitamin.


    This is an all-organic plush, part of a line of plushes of all your kids’ favorite Disney characters.  The product description: “My Natural Disney organic cotton plush characters are soft and cuddly, safely made with non-toxic coloring process. Filled with recycled fiber, each toy promotes conservation of our planet.”

    Here it is at Amazon.


    This is the coolest one!  You draw your own designs on these speakers, making them highly customizabe.  They’re portable; they fold up like origami.  Best of all, they’re made out of all recycled materials!  This is great for an adolescent into music and/or art.

    Here it is at Amazon.


    There are tons of different eco-friendly gifts out there for any age or type of child with any sort of interest.  Look and see what you find!


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