What are some good eco friendly clothing companies for baby clothes?



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    Luckily, these days, there is a lot of choice out there when it comes to green baby clothes, especially when it comes to online retailers.

    The problem now becomes figuring out which of these retailers is the best. The best solution for that problem is to do your research. Visit the websites and check out the ratings/ comments available on the site.

    Another great resource is green parenting magazines, which are good at highlighting the best companies to buy from. 

    You can always ask your green friends or local green organizations if they have any recommendations or know of any local companies that would like the support of their community.

    A couple of companies rated online are:

    Positively Organic

    The Little Seed

    Baby Soy

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    I suggest ecobabygear.com  I m sure you ll satisfy your purchase..


    Briefcase, Leather Shoulder Bag

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    Using google, I was able to find the following websites.

    http://www.greenbaby.com/     -they support fair trade and use organic cotton

    http://www.happygreenbaby.com/     -some organic, eco -friendly (bamboo, hemp, so) fabrics, they donate 1% to environmental charities

    http://www.greenbabies.com/  – organic cotton, strong mission and standards, books

    http://www.gogreenbabyshop.com/   – small indepedent manufacturers are supported, fair trade, business RDA member

    http://greenbabyguide.com/     interesting blog you might be interested in

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