What are some good drought resistant plants in California?



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    Drought resistant plants are found where drought is the norm of the area. So plants that thrive in the local area of drought-like places are your best bet. However, drought resistant plants thrive in drought situations and wither in rainy areas so it will difficult to find a plant that is tolerant of both climates. The second link contains a very thorough list of drought tolerant plants.

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    I have recently been looking into this very topic!  Try looking at the web site of your local water supply company as they may have suggestions.  Here is a link to Santa Clara County.


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    California Gardens has a great list of drought resistant plants for water-wise gardens. Also, the California poppy (the state flower) is a good drought-resistant flower that does well in dry weather.

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    I have found that succulents grow the best for me while living in southern California. While they are also know to grow rather well in colder climates, as well, my experience with the plants has been one of success. Aloe vera, for example, is one that I keep around constantly for many reasons. 


    Photo Credit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Alo%C3%AB-vera-total.JPG

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