what are some good devices that we can use to cut vampire power?



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    The cheapest and easiest way to do it is to unplug everything you’re not currently using. If you’re going out for the day, there’s no reason the computer, TV or microwave needs to be plugged into the wall: electric devices will keep drawing a current when they are off. Avoid devices that have remote controls, and be sure to unplug these if you have them. If you’d like some neat gadgets, though…

    You can plug an appliance into P3 International’s Kill A Watt EZ, and it will tell you not only how much energy it’s consuming, but how much it will cost you. WattStopper/Legrand’s IsolĂ© Plug Load Control is en especially cool power strip that has a motion sensor, and will turn off electronics if no one is in the room. And Bits Limited’s Smart Strip is a cheaper power strip that will cut off the flow to vampire appliances.

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