What are some good cleaning the community campaign idea’s?

im an environmental worker and i have to help my community clean up.



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    I think what always attracts people is what is shocking. Therefore, I would display pictures of the dirtiest and grimiest places in your community all over town. The slog could be like WE NEED YOUR HELP. And than say something about the next generation-this gets everyone every time lol. 

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      I like this answer. I never realy thought about it, but I have some video footage of cigerate buts close to six inches deep. If I take just one frame out and make a blow up photo of it and place it where the buts are… I could have a caption underneath it saying somethings like “Are you helping create this picture for your children’s birthday present?” What do you think? I haven’t done anything yet

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      I think that is a great idea!! It is very shocking a pertains to their children’s future. It is a very sad world we live in that this is the only way to attract people 🙁 But we got to do it somehow.

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