What are some good books that would appeal to an adventurous environmentalist?



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    Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle springs to mind as a book that combines travel and care for the natural world (albeit in separate essays).

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    I would recommend the ultimate adventure book, Homer’s Odyssey.  It’s a story everyone should read if they haven’t already — the foundation of all of Western Literature — about a man’s struggle with the sea, a god’s wrath, witches and nymphs, when all he really wants is to go home. 

    For the more ambitious reader, I’d recommend The Odyssey: a Modern Sequel by Nikos Kazantzakis.  At 33,333 lines, it is a story not for the faint of heart, but is well worth it if you love to read.  It picks up where Homer left off, with Odysseus’ quest to find immortality in the pursuit of pleasure and enjoying the earth.  It spans from Greece to central Africa to the Arctic.

    Something more accessible and modern is the true and inspiring Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder.  It traces the life of Paul Farmer in his quest to bring modern healthcare to impoverished areas of the world.  I’ve put a link to the synopsis below.

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         Rowboat in a Hurricane, by Julie Angus, is about a 10,000 kilometer trip across the Atlantic that the author and her fiancĂ© made in a rowboat. The book is exiting, but also has an environmental focus. Angus is a trained scientist and she touches on the many of the issues facing the world’s oceans. 

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