What are some good books about the history of the wolf?



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    I would recommend “Wolves: Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation”, by L. David Mech.  It is a comprehensive record of the behavior, biology, and habitat of the wolf that puts it into an environmental perspective.  It seems to be a bit academic, but I doubt you would find another piece as thorough with particular reverence to the wolf’s role in nature and our relationship therein.  

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    there is also a book called, “Decade of the Wolf.”  its covers a ten year span starting with the decision to return wolves to Yellowstone National Park.

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    “The Lost Wolves of Japan” is a book about how wolves used to have a god-like status in Japan, which was lost when the country went through a modern transformation.  Eventually the animal disappeared entirely from the country.  This book looks at the scientific, cultural, and environmental dimensions that led to wolf extinction in Japan.

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    Of Wolves and Men by Barry Lopez is a in depth and readable history of wolves and humans. 

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