What are some good arguments to why we should have natural gas powered cars?



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    Proponents for natural gas cite cost and availability as two of the greatest reasons to change our dependency to natural gas.  Not only is natural gas available at home, reduce import costs and hostile relations with foreign oil, but experts say it is cleaner and more efficient than other fossil fuels, thereby helping the environment.  In a report issued by America’s Natural Gas Alliance(ANGA), natural gas has lower emission rates than almost any power or fuel source currently in use, and its implementation would significantly reduce pollution.  

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    Here are some reasons why we should not:

    natural gas is non-renewable

    Natural gas is a carbon-based fossil fuel

    Natural gas may be worse for the environment than coal – http://www.energybulletin.net/stories/2011-04-12/new-report-suggests-shale-natural-gas-worse-climate-coal

    There are no effective distribution systems

    The volume of natural gas required would be excessive

    Fracking, the way to get large quantities of natural gas out of the earth, is highly controversial

    The US is import dependent for natural gas (about 12% of consumption)

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