What are some good and bad things about natural gas as a fuel for cars?



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    Natural gas is good to use as a fuel for cars because it emits less Green House Gasses than petroleum.

    Natural gas has an environmentally harmful extraction process.
    Natural gas is a fossil fuel.
    Natural gas emits Green House Gases; mainly methane, NO2, CO2 and CFCs.
    It takes a lot of energy to compress natural gas so that it can be used as a fuel for cars.

    Natural gas emits a lot of methane, but less CO2, and it is estimated that on aggregate Natural gas contributes less to global warming than petroleum.

    Natural gas as a fuel source is better than petroleum but not what we want to build an industry on, it could be used in the transition away from petroleum but in the end we want to transition away from heavy reliance on all fossil fuels.

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    There are also better solutions.  Biodiesel is a fuel made from excreta and vegetable oils.  It has the same consistancy as diesel, and any diesel engine can be converted to move with biodiesel.  Gasoline engines cannot be converted to run on the fuel source, however.  The technology is also not quite where it can be as far as the amount that is able to be processed at any given time.  For instance, it takes about 8 pigs-worth of daily excreta to produce enough biodiesel to run a house’s gas burning stoves for a day’s three meals.

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