What are some gluten substitutes?



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    As a person who suffers from Celiac I am more than happy to answer this one! Depending on what your making there are many substitutes for Gluten including Potato flour, rice flour, Xanthium gum, buckwheat, etc

    Here are a few links that should sufficently answer your question in detail!


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    Just to add something I recently learned, be weary of food products or restaurant menus that are gluten free; depending on the item producers will often add more fats or oils in the absence of gluten to maintain a satisfying taste. The source of that information recommended that people on a gluten-free diet substitute more meals with fruits and vegetable to avoid weight gain.

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    I found this great article from 2009 that lists 5 of the writers favorite gluten substitues.  I haven’t tried any of them, but they sound tasty!

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    I am not sure what you are using Gluten for,, but if you are baking or cooking and need flour, there are tons of options.

    bean flour (I find it tastes too much like chickpeas to make cookies with), coconut flour, sweet rice flour, cornmeal, brown rice flour, tapioca flour, sorghum flour, potato starch, arrowroot starch, teff flour, buckwheat flour, quinoa flour, oat flour, almond meal, and hazelnut meat.

    Also, blue cornmeal, amaranth, teff, and yellow cornmeal flours.. You can get these at whole foods.

    If you need gluten free baking necessities:

    Xanthan Gum, baking soda, backing powder (make sure no gluten)

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