What are some geoengineering ideas that we may actually see in the near future?



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    Geo-engineering would provide a lot of potential to offset some of the climate change that we are currently seeing.  There are many ideas that people have come up with to try and limit environmental change or to help make it more suitable for humans.  Some of the ideas that seem feasible in the near future involve reducing the amount of sunlight falling on Earth’s surface as a way to offset the increase in temperatures caused by greenhouse gas emissions.  One approach is to insert “scatters” into the atmosphere by depositing clouds of tiny particles (such as sulphur dioxide) into the sky to reflect sunlight.  Other ideas are also discussed at http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2008/sep/01/climatechange.endangeredhabitats.

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    Geoengineering ideas are inherently risky – from creating artificial cloud cover to creating algae lakes and stimulating mass plankton growth – as it is difficult to ascertain the long-term effects of such undertakings. 

    One of the most supported geoengineering proposals today focuses on the creation of vast carbon sinks by artificially stimulating phytoplankton growth with iron “fertilizer” in parts of the Earth’s oceans.  “Another proposal suggests creating miniature, *106 artificial “Mount Pinatubos” by allowing airplanes to release dust particles into the upper atmosphere, simulating the greenhouse- arresting eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991.”

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