What are some Geoengineering ideas of solving climate change problems?



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    The most supported geoengineering ideas basically call for an enormous sunscreen that blocks out some of the sun’s rays from reaching the surface of the planet. One idea is to put sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere (that’s what volcanoes do) which will thicken the blocking power of the atmosphere. Another is to put sea salt into the air which would make the clouds over the oceans thicker, hence a further blocking of the sun.

    Unfortunately scientists don’t know what these methods would do in the long run.

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    Geoengineering is a very interesting and forward thinking field of science. One of my favorite websites for current research on any environmental topic is ScienceDaily.com. If you go there and search “Geoengineering”, you’ll get the most updated and current research in geoengineering. Thankfully, each paper is accompanied by an article which explains the basics of the research. If you’re looking to learn about the basics geoengineering, that is the place that I would suggest.

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