What are some furniture companies that build eco friendly office furniture?



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    Kimball, Clara, National, and many more. See below for products and additional brands that offer eco-friendly office furniture.

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    I found a couple of sights that have eco friendly furniture that can be used in an office. Here are some links.

    The second websites in the citation stated that “this is the age of awareness and eco friendly office furniture is fast becoming the norm in corporate circles. It isn’t difficult turning your workplace into an Eco office. Everything from solid wood traditional office furniture to modern office stacking chairs can be created in an eco friendly manner. Solid wood chairs and tables also look extremely classic and last very long. Just the right collection to set your office apart.”

    Hope that helps!

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    National Business Furniture sells eco-friendly office furniture. They are based online. They sell everything from chairs and desks to conference tables. They rate their eco-friendly furniture using “greenguard.” That means that the furniture created has standard for pollutants and emissions.

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