What are some fun, eco-friendly ways to spend a weekend night with the family?



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    Cooking a home made meal with local and organic ingredients that your family got earlier at the farmers market is always fun and more eco friendly than a night spent out on the town. Sticking to veggies and eating as many of them raw can also save energy. You can then top the night off with some star gazing or an evening walk/bike ride.

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    Anything that gets you outside in nature and using less electricity is good. You could eat by candle light and play board games rather than watching TV.  You could eat outside or even bike from your home to a place to get dessert. 

    Weekend nights are tough because the kids will have homework and you may be exausted from a long work day.  One thing that is fairly environmentally friendly is to eat left overs.  Instead of throwing out your left overs and making a new meal, you could re-heat what you ate last night and use more of your energy for helping the kids their math homework. 

    I would advocate, if possible, spending one night a week without TV or maybe just walking to a park to reduce your footprint.

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    If you live by a beach or lake, take a moonlit walk.  I live in LA and I can tell you that just hitting the beach, even at midnight, never gets old.  there’s something about water that just draws people to it.  Plus it uses 0 energy

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    Walk to a park and play some games together. 500, frisbee, kickball, ….invite some neighbors to go with you.  If you stay long enough until it’s dark, or if it’s dark on your way back, see if you can point out the constellations or spot the satellites.  If it’s still light enough outside, try to name the plants and trees you see.  You could also throw a neighborhood fundraiser — my friends did one for Dornbecher when I was in grade school.  They invited a bunch of friends to stop by the park and bring items they could donate to the hospital, then played a bunch of games and performed skits.  Good times! And it gained some awareness in the local newspaper, plus we all felt good to help participate.

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    Visit your local lake or pond and go fishing!

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    Play Trivial Pursuit. It’s my favorite board game.

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    You can go for a walk outside and look for constellations. You can also bring along some wintergreen lifesavers. If you bite them in the dark, it makes glowing sparks in your mouth! (That was a fun thing we did in camp when I was little)

    You can play board games or do an art project. You can try and build something out of old toys the kids no longer use. In my art class we made our favorite animals out of old boxes, toys and things we found around the house. You can cut up old magazine pictures and cards to make collages. You can also make your own board game. A fun game is to make up fun questions (what are dinosaurs most afraid of?) and have everyone put their answer in the box. Everyone then takes turns guessing who wrote which answer (This is an existing game called The Game of Things).  

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