What are some of the friendliest dog breeds?



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    My experience has always been that the friendliest dogs are those that are loved and well cared for and have met very friendly dogs of all breeds. Breeder retriever.com is more discerning and has ranked the breeds that are friendliest to strangers and places the spaniel, the labrador retreiver, and the beagle highest.

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    Dogs that are well cared-for and socialized at an early age can be friendly irrepsective of breed; however, there are some dogs, like the miniature schnauzer, that are more interested in their owners and family, and can sometimes seem stand-offish to others. 

    Terriers (a schnauzer is part terrier) also suffer from the misapprehension that they are unfriendly because of their size.  As smaller dogs, they need to show that they won’t be bossed around by another dog and can seem aggressive.  It is just their natural way of asserting themselves, though, and they mean no harm.

    Ultimately, the best way to find a friendly dog breed is to visit breeders and interact with the dogs.

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