What are some animals found only in the Amazon?



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    There are many animals that are unique to the Amazon rainforest. Tapirs, a mammal related to the rhino and horses, is the largest land animal in the Amazon and can only be found in South America. The anaconda is also unique to the Amazon, being the largest snake and largest constrictor (think boa or python) in the world. The capybara is the world’s largest rodent and is found exclusively in the Amazon. There are a lot more species unique to the Amazon found in both links below.

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    Some of the most interesting Amazon animals are found in the River itself.  One of the most interesting native to the Amazon river is the Amazon River dolphin.  What makes this dolphin so special is that unlike other dolphins, this particular species lives in the fresh water of the Amazon.  Another is the pirhanna.  Known for its bite (as well as it horror move) the pirhanna, and its around 20 different species, are found living in the Amazin Basin river.  Amazon manatees can be found there too.  Because of destruction of it habitat, the Amazon manatee population is going down. 

    The pink dolphin: 

    Photo Credit: http://www.crystalinks.com/dolphin.html


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