What are some foods that will help with muscle recovery after a workout?



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    After a workout, your body needs to replenish its glycogen stores and muscle protein. This can be done by most protein shakes, but a good alternative that works great is any kind of weight loss shake. Weight loss shakes typically are packed with nutrients that are essential to muscle recovery. While they aren’t nearly enough to subsist on solely, they’re a great post-workout replenisher.

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    Also bananas they are best to eat pre and post workout the help energize the body and give your fatigued muscles a boost.

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    Bananas are great! They provide potassium, which helps break up lactic acid that your muscles produce from anaerobic exercise. Lactic acid causes that soreness you feel after a good workout. They also provide a good amount of water, which is essential to replenish as well. Another good food to try is an egg, however you like to prepare it. Down to the essentials, it can provide a ton of protein. Though the yolk is high in cholesterol, it accounts for over half of the egg’s protein, so if you can spare it, eat it too. Otherwise, the white is just fine. There are lots of egg white alternatives out there that can provide an equal amount of protein if that becomes an issue. Post-workout is when your body can soak up a lot of protein to help aid the recovery process though. Try and get your foods in within around a half an hour after your workout ends–that’ll be the optimum time for quick absorption and getting you on track to a quicker recovery.

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    Smoothies!  They’re filled with fruits and vegetables that can quickly replenish all of the things you need.  Anything with protein is great, too.

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    Organic soybeans and nuts are the best post-workout and anytime snacks. Packed with protien, fatty acids and oils, beans and nuts of all varieties just might be the boost you need to enhance your recovery time. Typically, one handful of nuts can be anywhere from 4-8 grams of protien. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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