What are some foods that have really long shelf life’s?



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    There are many foods that can last extremely long before they get old. And in fact there are two foods that seem to have a shelf-life of infinity: honey and maple syrup. Most canned foods are a safe bet to last a long time before going bad. Canned fruits and vegetables last a long time, so do cans of tuna. Wheat has been known to have a very long shelf life and same with any powdered substances such as powdered butter of powdered milk substitute. The shelf life of all foods depends on the temperature in which they are stored, typically the hotter the faster they will go bad. Another food with incredible shelf life are MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). If stored at temperatures of 60 degrees or less they can last more than fifty years.

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    If stored properly (usually cool, dry, dark places)

    sugar (20y), wheat (20y), dry beans (8y), spaghetti (8y), rice (5y), flour (5y), rolled oats (5 y), certain oils (1 y)

    MREs also, like mentioned, are military type rations. They are packaged in way to make them so perfectly sealed and protected. They are considered emergency/survival foods.

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