What are some flowers that I can plant to attract hummingbirds?



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    Hummingbirds are particularly fond of nectar-producing flower plants, such as those with tubular bright red or orange flowers, as they feed on nectar. These flowers should typically bloom at different times throughout the spring, summer, and fall, so they can provide food for hummingbirds at various times. Spring flowers, like roses of Sharon, azaleas, and rhododendrons, will surely attract hummingbirds. Red mountain columbine, petunias, morning glories, and trumpet honeysuckle bloom in summer, and hummingbirds love them all. Plant some butterfly bush, day lilies, garden phlox, bee-balm, and impatiens, as they bloom during autumn. Tall bushes and trees also provide nesting areas for hummingbirds, so be sure to plant some of those too. Check out the links for more ideas!

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    We have been able to attract hummingbirds to our garden by planting Foxglove. It will also help if you can put out a hummingbird feeder, but be sure to keep it clean so you don’t make any hummingbirds ill. It may take a little bit of time for them to realize that you have a reliable food source, so try to be patient! 

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