What are some flowers that hummingbirds eat?



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    Hummingbirds prefer vibrant flowers filled with reserves of nectar. Trumpet vines, bleeding hearts, bee balm, butterfly bushes, and coral bells are all notorious for attracting hummingbirds. A few other flowers that hummingbirds tend to flock to are columbines, trumpet honeysuckles, petunias, fuchsias, and scarlet creepers. In particular, red flowers have been found to lure hummingbirds into the garden.

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    To add to the previous question, it’s noted that hummingbirds do love bright flowers. My mother’s garden use have a bunch of beautiful vivid flowers and hummingbirds use to frequent it. However, I can’t remember what kinds she had. I did find osme other other choices:

    • sunset hyssp – very low maintence flower
    • columbine 
    • african foxglove
    • morning glory
    • lupine
    • evening primrose
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    Hummingbirds prefer flowers that are colorful, trumpet shaped, and high in nectar count. Some examples are hummingbird vines, bee balm, phlox,butterfly bush, salvia sage, and morning glory. These flowers are all very easy to care for.

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