What are some flowers that bloom in the morning and close at night?



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    Morning Glories bloom early in the morning at around sunrise and close again shortly thereafter or several hours later. The California Poppy closes at night as well. This flower is bright orange and has petals like silk. Others include the wildflower Virginia Spring Beauty and the African Daisy. Flowers which close at night are a great asset in pest control as they help deter bugs from swarming gardens at night. 

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    Some other plants flowers that bloom in the day and close at night are Purple Winecups, Michaelmas Daises, Crocus, and Bloodroot. Most of the plants have heat or other needs that cause them to open in the day and close at night. The Bloodroot is actually an endangered plant that grows in Eastern North America. I wouldn’t recommend growing it because it is poisonous.

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    There are indeed many! One, however does opposite in order to attract pollinators: It is a cactus called the Night Blooming Cereus. 

    Many species roses, cacti, Blackberry Lily (Belamcanda) and more!

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    Some of the most common flowers that only bloom for a few hours during the day are squash and pumpkin blossoms. The flowers of squash and pumpkin plants – when ready – open in the morning and close up forever by the mid-afternoon.

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