what are some features that I should be looking for in my ereader?



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    There are many different things to consider when choosing an ereader, but three of the main ones are:

    1. The size of the store you’ll be buying from:  whether it’s Amazon or Barnes & Noble, make sure that they have the types of books and pure numbers to support your ereading habit.  You want to be able to get your hands on any book you could pick up at the bookstore and especially those far-out ones you come across in your travels through yard sales or flea markets
    2. The size of the drive on the ereader: not only do you want to be able to find any book that your little heart desires in the e-store, you want to be able to store those books without fearing that you’ll go over your storage capacity.  Currently the Nook and the Kindle each have a disk size of 1.6 GB (about 1500 books), while the Sony Reader has a slightly larger drive that holds about 1.8 GB.  Both the Nook and the Sony also have the ability to increase storage with an SD card (that can be purchased separately).  
    3. The size (or really the length) or the battery: if you have close to 1500 books on your ereader, you’re gonna be reading for awhile and you want to make sure your battery can keep up with you.  The Nook currently has a life of about 10 days, whereas the Kindle lasts for about 14 and the Sony can go for a marathon 18.  Make sure to get an ereader that matches your lifestyle and how often you want to have to charge your reader. 
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