What are some famous objects around the world? Ex. Eiffel Tower

Don’t say Eiffel Tower because I can’t use that. Thanks again.



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    There are many famous man-made landmarks around the world. For example, Big Ben, the London Eye, the Statue of Liberty, the Sphinx, the Acropolis, etc. I could go on for some time, but the link below is a good place to look.

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    You might like skimming this flikr page; it has pictures and names of some really cool man-made structures around the world.

    Otherwise, here are some more suggestions:

    1. Taj Mahal
    2. leaning tower of Pisa
    3. Panama Canal
    4. Great Wall of China
    5. Ankor Wat
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    This website has a list of world landmarks. Some highlights include:

    -Mount Rushmore
    -The statues on Easter Island
    -The Great Pyramid

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    I’m not sure if you were asking about contemporary or ancient structures. Some of the former include:

    The Sydney Opera House

    The Coliseum in Rome

    and the Louvre

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