What are some famous natural amphitheaters?



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    Some famous natural amphitheaters include the following:

    1. Drakensburg Amphitheater, located in northern Drakensburg, South Africa.

    2. Slane Castle, located in Slane, Ireland.

    3. Echo Amphitheater, located in Rio Arriba County in northern New Mexico.

    4. Redrocks Amphitheater, located in Red Rocks Park near Morrison, Colorado.

    5. And the Gorge Amphitheater, located in George, Washington.

    Red Rocks Amphitheater

    Echo Amphitheater

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    Going to school in Denver, I have become a huge fan of Red Rocks Amphitheater. The acoustics from the stage nestled between two rocks sound amazing. It is also offers beautiful surroundings and is a great place to day hike. 

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    One of the most unique and beautiful has to be Diamond Head Crater in Oahu, Hawaii.  It is found in the crater of a dormant volcano and hosted acts such as Jimi Hendrix in the 60’s.  It had been closed for nearly 20 years due to vandalism, however re-opened in 1996 and is the home to the Diamond Head Festival and other concerts.

    [img_assist|nid=193633|title=Diamond Head|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=435]

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    The Bryce Amphitheater is located in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. The amphitheater is part of an eroded area in the Paunsaugunt Plateau and has a unique pink hue that makes it such a striking feature of the landscape. Hard rock forms the spires of the amphitheater while softer surrounding rock has been eroded away over the years. The amphitheater is not used for any kind of music or other performances; it has been given that name because of the natural form it takes. There are some trails and overlooks that offer spectacular views over the formation.

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