What are some famous civilizations that practiced cannibalism?



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    The people of the Korowai tribe are still believed to practice cannibalism today. A form of this question has been asked before on this website. Cannibalism is still accepted in the Korowai tribe at times of war. There are cultures in Papa New Guinea as well, that are cannibalistic.

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    One civilization that was well-known for cannibalism was the Fijian civilization. It was fairly common to eat people because war was synonymous with cannibalism. One chief called Ratu Udre Udre is claimed to have eaten around 872 people in his lifetime! http://wwwfijiancustomculture.blogspot.com/2009/10/fijis-cannibal-history.html

    The popularity of cannibalism did not decline until a chief named Cakobau forbade this practice in 1854. However, it not end until after an English missionary named Thomas Baker was eaten on July 21, 1867.

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    Cannibalism is deeply ingrained in the mythologies of many cultures, in both positive and negative lights.  Many civilizations named cannibalism as an inherent evil, and told stories about people who either intentionally or unintentionally consumed human flesh, and then died later, in a very “got-what-was-coming-to-him” kind of way.  However, as previously mentioned, it has also been portrayed positively when connected to the act of war, as groups of people often find rationalization in violence against ethnic (or geographic) outsiders, and cannibalism is often associated with “taking the power” from another human being.  Even today, cannibalism can be found metaphorically in almost every culture–examples include the recent vampire fad, the story of Hansel and Gretel, and even the concept of communion rituals among Christians today! 

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