what are some facts about jerboas?



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    I’m not sure what you are specifically interested in about jerboas. They are members of the didodidae family, hopping desert rodents, found in Asia and Africa, mostly in hot deserts. They resemble mice with long tails and hind legs. They are nocturnal, meaning they shelter themselves during daytime. 

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    Alongside what Seppe mentioned above, jerboas have extremely long back feet and small little short front legs so they always walk upright or hop like miniature kangaroos. As a fun fact, they can hop faster than a person can run. One of their leaps can get to be more than 6 ft long and they can reach speeds of up to 25km/h when they are chased by predators.

    Also, Jerboas have a body length that is between 2 and 8 in. long, depending on the species. Their tail is usually longer than their body and when they sit, it is used as a prop and or a balance tool.

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    There is also the long-eared jerboa, which has big ears that can be up to 1/3 the length of its body. It is unclear whether the long-eared jerboa burrows during the day similar to other jerboas.

    The jerboa is thought to be declining due to habitat modification from human activity. Most jerboas are herbivorous, eating seeds and succulent plants.

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    Jerboas are mainly nocturnal, so during they day they seek shelther in burrows. Jerboas typically have four different types of burrows; two temprary and two permanent. The temporary burrows are plain tubes to escape predators at night, and the permanent burrows are more elaborate, well hidden, and often have multiple entrances.

    Jerboas are mainly solitary animals with each jerboa having its own burrow. Mating occurs twice a year with litters ranging from 2-6 young. An interesting fact about jerboas is that they actually do not drink any water. They extact moisture from the foods that they eat, and it has been proven that jerboas can live up to three years on dry seeds alone.


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    Jerboas are omnivores, or animals that eat both other creatures and plants. Some Jerboas eat insects, like spider, beetles, cockroaches, and crickets. They are nocturnal, or they only hunt at night when many bugs are outside. Other types of Jerboas eat seeds, grass, or grains. Instead of drinking they get water from the food they eat. After it rains Jerboas dig up roots and eat those instead.

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