What are some factors that determine how fast or slow women conceive?



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    Statistically, 70 percent of couples conceive within 6 months of trying, 85 percent of couples conceive within a year, and 95 percent conceive within two years.  There are several factors that can cause infertility or difficulty conceiving, such as low male sperm count, tubal blockage and ovulation issues.  Lifestyle choices can also affect the likelihood of conceiving.  For instance, smoking can reduce the chances of conception.  Obesity is another factor that reduces the probability of conception.

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    According to the Conception Action Pack, there are four main factors that affect the time it takes for conception.  The first factor is fertility history.  This includes genetics, age, diet, lifestyle, medical and contraceptive history, and stress levels.  The second factor is your partner’s sperm.  Over 40% of problems with infertility are related to sperm count, so if conception is taking a while, then the male should definitely get checked out.  The third factor is actually getting the sperm to the egg.  This can be altered by fallopian tube health.  Lastly, the fourth factor is timing.  A woman should keep track of her fertility cycle to know when she is most likely to conceive, and when it is not likely to happen.  A more in-depth explanation can be found through the link below.

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