What are some examples where conservation has helped species build their populations?



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    The bald eagle! After the DDT pesticide was banned, and better protection made for their habitat, the bald eagle was delisted from the Endangered Species List. The bald eagle is still a protected species though.

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    Two that come to mind are the perigrine falcon (also a DDT issue as mentioned above) and the grey wolf.  Both were taken off the endangered species list in the last decade or so.  The wolves have made such a great comeback that hunting is now allowed in many states.

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    The Lake Erie watersnake is a subspecies of the Northern watersnake and was listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. Because of much research and dedicated people who educated the local residents, children, and visitors to the area, the snake is in recovery and its populations continue to grow. This is an interesting example because in general people do not like and even fear snakes!

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