What are some examples of sustainable and successful companies?



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    Whole Foods is a good example of an environmentally responsible corporation. While they are not perfect, they do attempt to buy as much produce locally as possible, as well as supporting organic agriculture. In addition, Whole Foods uses waste-reducing construction techniques and often builds with sustainable materials. They are also a strong force in the political world, advocating sustainable practices and their political enforcement.

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    Comet Skateboards is a company hq’d in California that builds biodegradable skateboards. They are founded upon the three principles of natural materials, sustainable practices, and community design. They employ Cradle 2 Cradle manufacturing, which is a “closed loop” process that eliminates waste by ensuring that all the products and by-products safely degrade into the Earth.

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    While few businesses are perfectly sustainable, many attempt to achieve zero-waste production by using recycled inputs and recycling waste material.  Many others try keep their operations carbon-neutral, by cutting back on emissions or planting trees to offset carbon output.

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