What are some examples of sedimentary rock?



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    Some examples of sedimentary rock are: Breccia, Chert, Coal, Conglomerate, Iron Ore, Limestone, Rock Salt, Sandstone, Shale, and Siltstone. For pictures and more information on each of these rocks, visit the citation below.

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    Sandstone is a great example of a sedimentary rock. In this case, sandstone is a Clastic type of sedimentary rock, which means that it is formed by discrete fragments of materials derived from other minerals. This is in contrast to sedimentary rocks that form from organic material or from the precipitation of materials out of solution.

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    Breccia, chert, coal, limestone, sandstone, rock salt, shale, etc. These are also divided into categories of sedimentary rocks – clastic, chemical, and organic.

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    There are many different sedimentary rocks. Some sedimentary rocks are: anhydrite, anthracite, arkose, bitumen, breccia, calcereous mudstone, calcirudite, chalk, conglomerate, flint, ironstone, limestone, orthoquartzite, peat, and travertine.

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